Types of Concussions

No matter how the concussion occurred, we know that a concussion can be debilitating whether you are a student, a grandparent, or a businessperson. Here are the main categories of concussions that we see and treat.

Sports Concussions

These types of concussions are gaining more awareness in our world today and we are glad to be able to help athletes of all ages get back into the game. This includes you weekend warriors who have taken a nasty spill down the mountain while skiing or snowboarding or mountain biking. Or maybe you took a hard hit in flag football or while sliding into third in your
softball game.We know that you have a job and a family to take care of, which is why we’ll help you regulate your diet and activity to make sure you feel 100% soon.

Student athletes who play sports in middle school, high school or college are another group that we treat often. Football, soccer, hockey, basketball and lacrosse are sports where brain injuries, no matter how series, occur. Students who are injured need special care during this season, possibly including removal from school for a time. If you or your student has received a concussion, come in today for analysis and we’ll get them on the field and back in the classroom ASAP. Professional athletes are at a great risk for repeated concussions. Whether the sport is hockey or BMX riding, we can help all athletes manage their concussions and stay safe in their fields.

Automobile Accident Concussions

We get a number of referrals from lawyers and insurance companies for their clients who have suffered whiplash and concussion during a car crash. If this is you, do not delay in seeing us! Your auto insurance medical pay will probably cover treatment with us.

Slip and Fall Concussions

Did you know that slips and falls are the number one reason for concussion in infants, toddlers and the eld bring them in today for an analysis and the beginning of a treatment plan.

Other Concussions

Other concussions can happen during an assault, by being hit by an object or projectile, or during various other activities. If you suspect a concussion, come in for an examination and don’t let your life continue to be affected by memory loss, nausea, or cognitive dysfunction.